About Pacific Brandwear

The PBW crew is here to help make your custom apparel ideas come to life.

Need help picking the perfect style? No problem! Our team is dedicated to making sure that every stage of your order is fun and seamless, from pricing to production, packaging to delivery. Want to turn your small business swag mental image into a real-life design? You got it!

Your Account Manager can advise you every step of the way to make sure it all comes together with as little stress as possible. No matter your vision, we’ve got the expertise to help you make memories that last forever and look awesome along the way!

Our Team

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Account Manager

Design Magician

Design & Marketing

Using the highest quality screen printing and embroidery techniques in the industry. Our custom apparel goes above and beyond the parameters of true custom shirt orders; every customer has a rep backed by a professional design team to take your concept and make it flawless. If you have ideas for creating custom shirt designs for your business, or you need some creative lead, our professional team is always here to help.