Remote Working Tips in the Era of COVID-19

Remote working is becoming more essential.

Tips to stay connected with your team, clients and processes while working remotely.

Right now, many companies are adapting to full-time remote work for the first time. With this in mind, communication and collaboration are more important than ever. Shifting to remote work may mean lead you to rethinking how your team communicates and connects, remotely. It will likely mean reorganizing priorities, projects, processes and initiatives. 

We've put our heads together to round-up a some tips and tools to help you adapt and keep things moving with your new, remote team.



If you aren't using a project management tool like Basecamp for your remote team yet, look into it. It's an excellent resource to organize to-dos, multi-faceted projects and even take notes. You can assign company tasks to team members, set deadlines and even discuss or prioritize tasks easily, all with email notifications.



Set yourself up a dedicated workspace. It doesn't matter if it's the head of the kitchen table, a spare bedroom, the attic, the corner of the garage or the table behind the couch. Dedicate an area of your living space to WORK. If you're floating from the couch to the patio to the window to the bed, it can mean havoc for your productivity and your sense of being organized. "Here, I work - everywhere else, I live." You'll thank us.



Keep everyone on your team up to date with status updates, discussions, breaking news or even company brainstorming sessions. A great way to facilitate this is to use an app like Slack. This fast changing business landscape we call COVID-19 is sure to bring about some interesting discussion, and ideas.


Video Conferencing.

Do you start each project with a kick-off meeting? Say hello to Zoom, video conferencing, webinars, phone calls - it's a virtual conference room and a very effective way of keeping in touch, sharing ideas and keeping things moving.


Set Your Status.

In this new, connected environment you find yourself in remember to manage your accessibility and your availability. This means setting your status on your chat or conferencing app, turning off notifications at certain times and not checking your email at the dinner table. These are uncertain times, but try to remember that balance is always important. 


Dress for Success.

We've all seen the commercials with the guy getting ready for his video chat in his collared shirt and his underwear. I'm just going to say it, there's nothing wrong with this. At least remember your collared shirt! You are 'at work' after all. There's nothing worse than a video conference with the boss in his Sting t-shirt from 1983.